Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dancing Raisins

Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean have been experimenting a lot with floating and sinking the past few weeks, and now they are starting to ask more in depth questions.  Their curious minds are starting to get creative.  Jelly Bean asked, "Mommy, can we make something that sinks, float?"  Great question I thought to myself, so I started to do some research.

First, we put raisins into a glass of plain water.  The raisins sank, which was not good because I told the girls I knew magic.  I could make raisins dance.  So far, they are not impressed.

We sat there and thought about it.  What if we changed something?  The girls both shouted, let's change the water!  They wanted to change the water green or red so we tried that, but again, nothing.

After talking awhile, I asked the girls if mommy ever drinks water that is different than theirs.  Yes, and it has bubbles!  We grabbed another glass and added bubbly water to it.  Then, the magic happened.  After dropping the raisins into the water, bubbles started to form.  Lots of bubbles!

Then, the magic happened.  After dropping the raisins into the water, bubbles started to form.  Lots of bubbles!  Raisins started to raise to the top and then sink back to the bottom of the glass.  The girls watched with amazement.

Finally, all the raisins were dropped into the glass.  Jumping Bean asked, "Now what?  What else can we drop into the glass?"  The two ran over to the pantry and grabbed fruit snacks.  Unfortunately, fruit snacks sink, but they had fun eating the rest!

Dancing Raisins Activity-

glass to hold water
tap water
bubbly water (soda water)

1. Predict what will happen when raisins are dropped into water.
2. Next, look at bubbly water and compare it to tap water.
3. Drop raisins into the bubbly water.
4. Watch to see what happens.

Why this happens-
The raisins begin to dance (sink, float to the top, and sink again) because the bubbles in the water are trapped underneath the raisin.  Once there are enough bubbles trapped, the raisin floats.  Eventually, the bubbles pop, and the raisin sinks again.  The process starts over again.

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