Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Floating and Sinking Fruit Collage

It is another day too cold for us to play outside while visiting Grandma and Papa in Iowa.  Again, we will bring some winter fun inside!  Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean want to make a present for Grandma and Papa so we decide to make a fruit collage while experimenting with floating and sinking.  This was a great experiment to couple with the Floating and Sinking BLAST.

First, we need some fruit.  I think Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean had the most fun searching the refridgerator for fruit to add to the collage (just because they thought they could sneak a few bites of the chocolate pie that was inside the fridge).

Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean love to help with baking and cooking, so they got to practice their knife skills.

Next, we looked at the fruits and veggies and predicted if each would float or sink and placed our predictions in the correspondingly labelled container.

Once our predictions were made, the girls dropped pieces of fruit and veggies in a container of water.  Then, the container of water went outside overnight to freeze. 


Voila, the master piece- a new decoration for Grandma and Papa's front porch.

We had fun predicting what would float and sink, and for the most part, Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean made accurate predictions- 8 out of 11 correct.  There were a few surprises, even for mommy!  Did you know that a sliced apple floats?  Check it out!

Floating and Sinking Fruit Experiment


  • fruit or vegetables
  • water
  • bowl for freezing water
  • 2 containers labeled float or sink


1.  Pick a variety of fruits and vegetables.
2.  Cut or peel any if necessary.
3.  Predict if each fruit or vegetable will float or sink and place in the labeled container.
4.  Fill a bowl with water.
5.  One at a time, drop a piece of fruit or vegetable into the water.
6.  Discuss the outcome.
7.  Place any remaining pieces of fruit or vegetables in the water.
8.  Place outside or in the freezer over night.
9.  Display your collage if possible.


Go to for more fun, hands-on ice activities for your preschoolers!

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