Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Snow and Ice, A Melting Race

Jumping Bean and Jelly Bean really enjoyed playing in the snow and ice over the winter break, especially as we live in an area that is generally too warm for snow.   The girls were intrigued as to how the snow and ice felt and looked different.  We decided to test the difference by seeing which melted faster.  The house was unusually warm because the heat was turned up higher than normal - the temperature was -15 when we woke up this morning.  With the air pretty warm, we talked about how the hot water melted the ice faster than the other substances in our Ice BLAST.

First, we looked at the two cups filled with ice and snow.  Jumping Bean and Jelly Bean both agree that the ice and snow are cold, but of course, they always have to disagree about something.  Jumping Bean thinks the ice is colder, and Jelly Bean thinks the snow is colder.

Next, we drew a picture and labelled each cup.  I was pretty amazed at how they were able to draw pictures that closely resembled the two objects.  Finally, the girls circled the picture that they predicted would melt faster.  Again, different opinions.

We looked at the time on the clock, and it said 11:30.  Now we wait to see.

Every 5 minutes or so, the girls would run to the cups, and they quickly came to the conclusion that the snow melts faster.  But, that didn't stop them from checking until all the snow and ice was melted.

Surprisingly, it took the snow an hour to melt.  I thought it would be faster.  The ice took over 5 hours to completely melt!

We all had fun learning more about ice and snow melting.  I am proud to say that my two little scientists are starting to question why something happens.  Today, they asked why it took the ice so long to melt.  Now, I need to start looking for activities on solids, liquids, and gases to keep my two curious minds exploring.


  • 2 cups
  • ice
  • snow
  • clock


1.  Fill one cup with ice and one with snow
2.  Note the time
3.  Check occasionally until completely melted, noting end time


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  1. We tried this today when we got some snow in Atlanta. It was really fun! My little one predicted the ice would melt first. So it was fun to watch it play out.


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