Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our First Snowman

We are in the midwest for the holidays, and we have been welcomed by fresh snow on our first day!  Being southern girls and not having a chance to play in snow often, Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean were eager to get outside and play. 

Sledding was first on the agenda.  Grandma and Papa have a nice little hill in the backyard.  It is perfect for two little 3 year olds.  But, being adventurous and fearless, they wanted bigger and better.  Daddy on the otherhand, wants the girls to stay as little as possible so the big kid hills are off-limits right now.  At least until tomorrow after I do a little coaxing tonight!

Now, naturally thinking how I can turn this into a learning experiment, we moved on to making a snowman.  Jelly Bean's and Jumping Bean's first ever!  They caught on quickly on packing the snow into a ball, and then rolling the ball around the snow until it got bigger. 

We made several snowballs, and then the girls put them in order from smallest to largest.  Some snowballs were pretty close in size, so the girls picked them up and decided which they thought was heavier. 

After a few lessons about building a snowman, spatial reasoning from our Ice BLAST, and size comparison, Jumping Bean and Jelly Bean learned that the largest snowball does need to go on the bottom.  Otherwise, it crumbles into a lot of little snowballs.  Even though we lost a few snowballs along the way, Frosty was finally made!

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