Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cube (or Square) Bubbles!

Typically when we think of bubbles, we think of the round or spherical shape but did you know that you can blow a cube bubble?

Well you can!  Much to the excitement of both mom and the kids.

How did we do this - we use cut some of our straws into 1.5 inch pieces, and then connected them together to form a cube:

I really liked using the straws and connectors because the connectors gave us a great area to hold onto when we lifted the cube out of the bubble solution.   Also it was easy for the kids to assemble.  We also tried pipe cleaners and it worked just fine but it was more of a mommy assembly than a kids assembly.

We dipped the straw and connector cube into a concentrated bubble solution.  Rolled it over a few times to coat all the sides and then lifted it out.

A couple of tips with the solution and dipping:
  1. Use a really good bubble solution (we really like beeboo Big Bubble Mix [associate link]).  Dish soap bubble solution (even with glycerin) was just not as good at making square or cube bubbles.
  2. Make the bubble solution concentrated to make strong bubbles.  
  3. Hold onto the end of the connector so you don't 'pop' a side of your bubble - little fingers will have to be reminded.
  4. Remove the cube from the bubble solution from one corner first.    
  5. Be sure to pop all your bubbles on the cube before re-dipping to repeat.
  6. Don't do it outside on a windy day.  Your bubbles will blow away.

This gave us a square shape in the middle of the bubble film.

But we wanted a bubble cube.   So we dipped a straw into the bubble solution and placed it near the square and gently blew a bubble onto the square, and it settled as a cube.

Note how even as a cube, the edges are not straight.

We hope you will have as much fun as we did with this experiment.


  • 5 Tbsp bubble concentrate
  • 1.5 cups of water
  • 8 connectors
  • 12 straws of equal length
  • 1 drinking straw

  1. Build a cube out of straws and connectors.
  2. Prepare the bubble solution by mixing the concentrate and water.  For stronger bubbles it is suggested you leave the solution in the fridge overnight.
  3. Dip the cube into the bubble solution, roll the cube and lift from one corner.
  4. Once you have a square bubble, take your straw and dip it in the bubble solution, place it near the square and gently blow onto the square.  A cube bubble should appear.


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