Thursday, November 20, 2014

Holiday Foods: Which is a Starch?

The holidays is a time to enjoy time with family which also means there is a lot of food to enjoy.  It is a time to get your children to try different foods that they don't usually eat, and it is a time to teach them about the different food groups.  Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean know the difference between fruits and vegetables, what sugary foods are, and what to eat for protein.  But, now we are going to introduce the idea of starchy foods.  You know, the yummy rolls, sweet potatoes, stuffing and pie crust that we eat over the holidays.

First, we review which food group our test items are a part of.  Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean were unsure of what the stuffing mix was, but it was easy for them to determine that it looked similar to the bread and crackers so they grouped it with those.


To test whether our food is a starch, iodine is dropped onto each.  Before the drop is added, the girls predict if it is a starch or not.  If it is a starch, the iodine with turn a dark purple.  If it is not a starch, the iodine stays a reddish color.

As you can see, the bread, crackers, stuffing mix, and sweet potato are all starchy foods.


  • sliced bread
  • crackers
  • potato slices
  • cheese
  • veggies (celery, brussel sprouts)
  • fruit (cranberries, oranges)
  • stuffing mix
  • tray
  • iodine
  • eye dropper
  • Place food items on a tray.
  • Discuss the different food groups.
  • Predict which item is a starch.
  • Drop iodine on each food item.
  • Iodine will turn dark purple if the food is starchy.

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