Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Turkey Trot Math Game

This is a great math game (and a free printable too!) for you to play with your little ones around Thanksgiving time, especially if they are out of school for a week like us.  Although it is a simple game - just trying to get your turkey to the pie - it is very customizable in how you get your turkey there.

** Update - the turkeys have been made a bit smaller in the printable to have them fit on the board!

The free printable {here} comes with the four turkey playing pieces, a game board and instead of dice a set of simple math problems.   To move your turkey you need to answer the math problem and then move the turkey that many places.  As we are still getting used to the idea of math problems we had a bowl of cranberries on the table that we could use as counting pieces to work out the answer.

However when we played with Little Bear we used a dice as she was a bit young for the problems.  What is great is you can substitute the dice to be math problems, cards with pictures, even sight words or charades (if everyone guesses what you acted out you all get to move 5 spaces, if no one guessed then only you get to move 1 space).  It is totally up to you and we would love to see what you did in the comments below.

Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!

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