Wednesday, January 14, 2015

IQ Block Game and Spatial Reasoning

Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean have loved playing with the straws and connectors we got from our construction BLAST.  They have spent hours creating and building all while learning spatial reasoning skills.  That is why I was so excited when I came across an IQ Block Game from Learners in Bloom.  I knew the girls would love it!

To begin, all you need are a few objects from around the house - cardboard (from a box), a box cutter, painters tape and a ruler.

I cut the cardboard into 3x3 inch squares (I made 10 in total).  Each square was then covered in green painters tape.  Once they were all covered, each square was partially wrapped in blue painters tape to create a design or pattern..

Four squares were placed together in a larger square pattern to make a design.  The design was then photocopied in black and white (or gray).

Now, the fun begins!  Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean were given the smaller square pieces.  They then chose a design to copy.  They automatically noticed the photocopied design was shaded differently which helped them create the design.

Success!  Both girls were able to copy the designs they chose. 

Not only did I enjoy watching them succeed, but it was fun to hear them talk out their thoughts.  I often heard, "No, try again."  "Not quite, but you are almost there."  And my favorite, "Keep testing and you will get it."


  • cardboard box
  • box cutter or scissors
  • ruler
  • 2 different colors of painters tape (I used blue and green)
  1. Using a box cutter, cut out 3x3 squares (I cut out 10, but you can make more).
  2. Cover each square with the blue painters tape.
  3. Partially wrap each square with the green painters tape(look at the pictures above).
  4. Using 4 of the squares, place them together to form a larger square creating a design.
  5. Photocopy the design.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have several designs (I had 7 designs in all).
  7. Use the smaller squares to create the designs photocopied.

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