Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lego Shape Filling

While we have had Legos for a while we have not really got into building until we started building with the Lego sets (in particular the Lego Friends Jungle series).  Bug just loved the instructions and how she could follow them along to build something wonderful to play with.  Now our birthday list (summer birthday so a while to go) is already growing with Lego sets.  Although I want to make sure we still have lots of opportunities to build any creative thing we can imagine - after all: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!  What is also great is you can sneak some learning in with a spatial reasoning activity.

I thought it would be fun to challenge Bug with a bit of construction and spatial reasoning.  So I purchased the large flat Lego base board to act as our building surface.  I then setup the outline of a shape - starting with something simple: a square.

I asked her to fill the square with Lego pieces.  She did it pretty quickly and she made sure that she matched the color of the outline as well!

We spoke about what other shapes we could make that we could fill with Legos and I made up two more silly shapes for her to fill.

She again quickly filled them but this time because they were more complicated she had to figure out what size pieces to put in and so quickly started counting "bumps".  If she could not find it she would use smaller pieces and begin to add without realizing it and telling me how many bumps she was looking for as the empty space changed.

These shapes then became a platform for imaginative play and Bug built castles in the middle of a farm!

Of course little Bear could not help but get in on the building too!

We had a great time solving our Lego puzzles and ended up having a great time playing too.

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  • Lego Base Board
  • Lego blocks (we used our Lego Bucket)
  1. Make the outline of a shape on your base board.
  2. Allow the child to fill it.
  3. Repeat as many times as you would like.

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