Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Clouds and Cotton Balls

Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean get excited to see the "magic" when we conduct science experiments, but they think it is more exciting when they see science happening in real life.  Exploring the different types of clouds was fascinating to them.  Especially once they learned which cloud produced thunderstorms.  They wanted to amaze their daddy with such a big word.

To introduce our activity, we read The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paolo.  We then went outside with our cloud viewer from the Clouds BLAST to see what clouds were outside.  The girls love their cloud viewer and take it everywhere with them.  They are fascinated with the fact that the clouds change throughout the day.

After naming many of our clouds throughout the week, we made our own clouds using cotton balls.  It was fun to watch and listen to Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean look at clouds and talk about what they should do to the cotton balls to make them look like each cloud.  "The cumulus cloud looks like a cotton ball.  I am going to glue it down just like this."  Or, "The cirrus cloud is soft and like hair.  I am going to pull it apart."  And my favorite, "Mommy, please get me some black paint.  I need to make this one dark."

Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean have always loved looking at clouds and finding pictures in them.  Now, we can find pictures and name what type of cloud is making that picture!


  • cloud viewer (optional)
  • blue paper
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • black paint

  1. Go outside and discuss the different types of clouds.  (We did this several times throughout the week.)
  2. Glue cotton balls onto blue paper (ours were cutout like clouds) to represent the different types of clouds.
  3. Paint the cumulonimbus and stratus clouds with black paint.

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