Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day: Make Your Own Water Color Paint

Earth Day is approaching and the weather is perfect for nature walks so Jelly Bean, Jumping Bean and I have decided to make our own water color paint using flowers collected on our excursions.  Making our own paint is a great way to teach the girls that there are natural resources all around that we can use instead of buying things at the store and made for a fun Earth Day activity.

First thing first- collecting our flowers.  We used some flowers we picked from our nature walk when we talked about the parts of a flower.

Once we collected our flowers, Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean picked off the petals from different color flowers and placed each color in separate bowls.

Once the petals were picked off, Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean used pipettes to cover the petals with hot water, and then used a spoon to smash the petals down.

The girls loved squeezing the petals and watching the water drip into the bowls.

The petals sat in the water for a bit, and then I picked the petals out.  We were somewhat surprised at our water colors.  The red petals were more of a brownish red, the yellow petals were gold, and the purple did not turn the water purple at all.  Since the red and yellow petals were not similar in color to the actual petals, we were surprised that the pink flowers actually turned the water a similar pink color.

Even though the water color paints were not a vibrant color, Jelly Bean and Jumping Jean loved the fact that they made the paint- especially from flowers!  What a fun activity to teach how to use the resources around us!


  • variety of different colored flowers
  • cups (one for each color)
  • hot water
  • pipette or spoon
  • paper for drawing
  • paint brush

  1. Collect a variety of different colored flowers on a nature walk.
  2. Pick off the petals and place them in a cup.  Keep all the colors in the same bowl.
  3. Use a pipette or spoon and add water to each cup.  Add just enough water to cover the petals.
  4. Let the flowers and water sit for 30 minutes.
  5. Squeeze the petals to leach out all the color.  Discard the petals.
  6. Create a water color masterpiece!

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