Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shadow Drawings

Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean LOVE creating objects with various materials, and then guessing what was created.  So today, we pulled out tin foil to create objects.  Even though the tin foil may blind us in the sun, we took it outside to make shadows as well.

As you can see, sheets of tin foil was torn off so Jelly Bean and Jumping Bean could create.  They both initially made long, straight sticks and round balls.

Once a figure was made, one of the girls held it up to make a shadow while the other traced the shadow with chalk.

Then, we guessed to see what was made.  As you can tell, Jelly Bean was making letters.  She made and traced a beautiful E!


  • tin foil
  • chalk
  1. Tear off sheets of tin foil.
  2. Allow child to form different figures using the tin foil to create objects.
  3. Hold up the object to make a shadow.
  4. Trace the shadow using chalk.
  5. Guess what object was made.

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