Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Making a Bug Book: Observing Nature

We love to go on bug hunts!   We were recently inspired to practice our observation skills (which are so important in science) and enjoy some time outside.  So we decided to make our own Bug Book (which is available as a free printable in this post)!  As we are approaching Kindergarten it also gave us a chance to sneak in some writing practice.

To make the Bug Book we printed out the cover {HERE} on card stock which I then scored using a butter knife and a ruler.   The inside pages {HERE} were printed on the front and back of each page to save paper.  The pages were then folded in half and put inside the card stock cover.  I printed two inside pages for each girl.   We then punched two holes on the side of the book and fastened it all together with these cute ladybug brad clips.

The girls colored in the covers and we were ready for our bug hunt!  Luckily, we did not have to go far as we have some logs from a tree that was cut down in our back yard and if we flip them over we find all sorts of wonderful creepy crawlies!

Some of which are rather friendly!

The girls drew pictures of the bugs they saw in there books using pencils.

Once our hunting was over, we came back in and colored in the bugs as we saw them.  Daddy also helped us identify the bugs and wrote their names in the book.  Bug (my big girl who is almost 5) also wrote simple notes about where she found the bugs.

Once they were all done. We got out one of our favorite books:  Fun with Nature (affiliate link) and looked to see if we could learn any more about any of the bugs we saw.  Although the Fun with Nature book is not comprehensive, it is a great book for kids to learn more about the outdoors.

We had a lot of fun making our books and going on a bug hunt!  What bugs will you find in your backyard?


  • card stock (for the cover)
  • butter knife
  • ruler
  • paper (for the pages)
  • hole punch
  • 2 brad clips but you could also use ribbon 
  • colored pencils, markers, crayons


  1. Print the cover on a piece of card stock.
  2. Place the ruler where you want to fold the card stock and press hard with the butter knife to score the paper making it easier to fold for the cover.
  3. Print the inside pages (optional on both sides)
  4. Assemble the book and punch.
  5. Put the brad clips through the holes to keep the pages together (or tie with a ribbon or string).
  6. Color the front cover.
  7. Head outside to find some bugs and draw and take notes!
  8. Optionally use the Fun with Nature book to learn more about the bugs you found outside.


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